Whether you're working towards your first 5k, training for a marathon or wanting to head out on an adventure and catch the sunrise, Byrd's mindful approach to running will help you get there.

Illustration showing six people running across the screen
Illustration showing three people running across the screen

Run just for you

Tell Byrd a little bit about your running ability, the days and times you like to run and what you want to achieve, and the app will build a personalised schedule of recommended runs. By crunching 1,000,000,000 variables every 15 minutes, feel confident that wherever you are and whatever you’ve been up to, your plan will best reflect your goals and activity.

Thrive in The Wilds

Handwritten text saying 'Thrive in the Wilds'

Build a digital world as you run by collecting Byrd Seed with every step, mood and adventure. Whether you caught the sunrise, ran through a downpour or got out for three days in a row, Byrd brings every element of your progress to life.

Know your Guide's got your back

Our friendly Guide helps you find confidence and freedom to enjoy running without pressure. Think of it as your coaching companion, putting your wellbeing centre stage and helping you progress while also enjoying the journey.

Illustration showing six people running from right to left on screen. There's a mix of women and men running
Illustration showing three people running from the right of the screen to the left

"This is the first time I've seen a running product that actually looks like it belongs in my world and I belong in it." - Jimmy

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