How it works

Build a World Around Your Running

A bright blue sky

The Wilds is your world. It’s a world where progress is measured differently. You won’t find splits, average paces or V02 Max estimations here. You’ll find a world that you’re building every time you head out of the door for a run. On each run you’ll discover Byrd Seed that’ll make your world grow and thrive.

Success can be found in every sunrise, chilly evening or rain cloud. The Wilds reflects the contours of your activities in a completely new way.

Find joy in the journey

A bright blue sky

Step-by-step you’re making progress and getting stronger.

With Byrd you can track how many adventures you’ve been on, the distance they’ve taken you and how long you’ve been out exploring. Oh, and as importantly, all those hills you’ve racked up. Byrd will even recommend goals to set so that they’re always within reach.

Every step (or misstep) is part of the journey and we’re here to celebrate every angle to your progress.

Set your own space

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The running journey is one that ebbs and flows. In Byrd you can choose the way you want the app to respond to your training by picking your own space. Whether you’re feeling focussed towards a goal or just happy to keep ticking over for a while, you can choose a space and mode that’s right for you, wherever you are. You can change it up whenever you want to take a breather or push forwards.

Run to the stars

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Whether it’s your first 10 KM, your marathon dream time, or a life-changing 100 miler Byrd will work with you to target events you can hit. Day-by-day, week-by-week and month-to-month Byrd will recommend the best run for you at that point in time based on your recent running, how you want to run and your future events.

Tomorrow's run today

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Byrd’s built around our incredibly powerful EQ-AI coach. Using 1,000,000,000 variables it gives real-time recommended runs built just for you. Runs that are based on where you’re at now, your feedback and where you’re heading.

If you head off piste and go rogue we’ll bear that in mind for the next run! Byrd’s not about the run you’ve got to do, it’s the run you want to do

Your running is bigger than any map

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Your running story is built step by step with each new discovery. Byrd helps to capture that with new experiences to uncover based around the amount you’ve been running, the time of day you’ve been running, or even the weather you’ve been in. Each new season will bring new challenges and surprises.