A photo of Edd Baldry running

Edd BaldryCEO

Edd’s our Founder and CEO, and from the Paris Marathon to the wild trails of Philadelphia he’s run anywhere and everywhere as both the beginner and the expert. His training successes and homemade schedules were the envy of many a club mate. And luckily for the rest of us he realised he was onto something that other runners could benefit from too… Enter Byrd.

Edd’s spent over a decade working within design and technology and has led teams building digital products and experiences for the likes of Google, the UN and Tate. Before Byrd, his most recent role was leading the interaction design team at Dyson.

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Nina DaviesCMO

This is Nina, our Co-founder and CMO. She has 25 years of experience in brand strategy, design and marketing, and co-founded a brand and design agency in 2007. After scaling it up to a successful and sustainable business, with long-term global FMCG clients and iconic brands on the books, she exited in 2018 to begin brand consultancy work (as well as ramp up her trail and ultra running). The stars soon aligned, Byrd came along and Nina joined the party.

As well as doing the brand and marketing stuff, you’re probably going to find Nina ferrying two kids around or running in the hills with her dog Juno (and preferably no phone reception).

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Dave BrealeySenior Developer

Dave is our Senior Flutter developer with a long background in data engineering and analytics. He got into app development a few years back, wanting to solve problems on a much bigger scale. He’s based in Worcester, is a proud father, loving husband and is owned by two cats. Oh, and Byrd got him into running - pretty cool, huh? Especially to him, as he never thought he’d be a runner.

Toby HammondSenior Developer

Senior developer Toby specialised in Python, Django, Google Cloud, and more recently Flutter and Dart. He spent over 5 years at an agency working mostly in teams with Google as a backend developer on internal and marketing projects. He soon became a Lead developer on a number of project teams, working closely with Google’s marketing managers. Toby spends his time in Bristol, mostly doing typical Bristol things. Likes going for coffee on the Harbourside and buying too many plants, but also running.

Polly LeemanDesigner

Designer Polly studied Product and Furniture Design at Sheffield Hallam University, and her experience includes designing contract furniture, interiors and bespoke kitchens using CAD. In her final year at university she looked at how design can be used to improve people’s wellbeing, with a particular focus on circadian rhythms and sleep. All super interesting stuff that sparked an interest in designing for the health and fitness industry. Polly is based in Morecambe and currently using Byrd to build her fitness back up to pre-uni levels, as well as going for a dip in the sea.

Rohan MenezesDeveloper

Meet our Developer Rohan. After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Computer Science, he began working for a digital agency on web and mobile app projects, mainly using C# and Angular. After that Rohan moved to a cyber security company, using Vue and Node.js to work on their web system tracking various cyber threats, such as bot attacks - pretty interesting stuff. Rather impressively Rohan balances resistance training with running and hiking. Gotta love getting those views in when you can.

A picture of Ellis Di Cataldo running

Ellis Di CataldoContent producer

Ellis is our Content producer and comes with over 7 years of experience working with the likes of Vision Express, Barclaycard, Sony and The Open University. Having worked both agency side and in house, Ellis has led the copywriting on digital campaigns, always-on content and global product launches, across a whole heap of platforms and channels. When she’s not typing away, she’s usually on a yoga mat, with a dumbbell in hand or is raiding the fridge for something tasty to eat.